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Jackie Speier

US Congresswoman

"Sam Hindi's effort to bring a new Post Office to Foster City was instrumental in our success.   Sam will always fight for the interests of Foster City residents."


Kevin Mullin

Speaker Pro Tempore California State Assembly

"Sam Hindi has done an excellent job representing Foster City's interests in dealing with regional issues. He has my strong support."


David Canepa

Vice President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

"I've worked with Sam Hindi for many years...I respect his steady leadership and problem-solving skills. Foster City is better for his service."


Jerry Hill

California State Senator

"Sam Hindi has been a strong leader and effective advocate for Foster City on regional issues. Please join me in supporting Sam Hindi for re-election to the City Council"


Ash Kalra

California State Assemblymember

"Councilman Hindi is a strong advocate for social equity... leveling the playing field so everyone has a fair housing and in business. I really respect him for his values."


Dave Pine

San Mateo County Supervisor

"Having worked closely with Sam Hindi on the Foster City Levee project, I have seen firsthand his ability to work collaboratively with all members of the Foster City community, as well as regional leaders, to move this critically important project forward. Sam knows that we need to take action now to achieve an economically and environmentally prosperous future".

We Endorse Sam

Elected Officials


Jackie Speier, US Congresswoman

Jerry Hill, California State Senator

Kevin Mullin, Speaker Pro Tempore, California State Assembly

Ash Kalra, California State Assemblymember

David Canepa, San Mateo County Supervisor

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor    

Carlos Bolanos, Sheriff San Mateo County

Sanjay Gehani, Vice Mayor of Foster City 

Charlie Bronitsky, Former Mayor of Foster City

Bob Fitzgerald, Former Mayor of Foster City

Pam Frisella, Former Mayor of Foster City 

Steve Okamoto, Former Foster City Councilmember

Emily Beach,  Mayor of Burlingame

Ron Collins, Mayor of San Carlos 

Joe Goethals, Mayor of San Mateo 

Rueben Holober, Mayor of Millbrae 

Davina Hurt, Mayor of Belmont 

Glenn Sylvester, Mayor of Daly City  

Ali Taj, Mayor of Artesia  

Juslyn Manalo, Daly City Vice Mayor 

Ann O’Brien Keighran, Burlingame Vice Mayor 

Laura Palmer Lohan, San Carlos Vice Mayor 

Charles Stone, Belmont Vice Mayor 

Rick Bonilla, San Mateo Councilmember

Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame Councilmember

Donna Colson, Burlingame Councilmember

Johnny Khamis, San Jose Councilmember

Wayne Lee, Millbrae Councilmember 

Sara McDowell, San Carlos Councilmember

Larry Moody, East Palo Alto Councilmember

Ray Mueller, Menlo Park Councilmember

Diane Papan, San Mateo Councilmember

Gina Pappan, Millbrae Councilmember

Anthony Phan, Milpitas Councilmember

Adam Rak, San Carlos Councilmember

Nancy Magee, Superintendent of Schools, San Mateo County 

Noelia Corzo, President SMFC School Board of Trustees 

Alison Proctor, SMFC School Board Trustee

Shara Watkins, SMFC School Board Trustee

*Partial List

Community Leaders

Filipino American Democratic Club

IBEW Local Union 617

Local Carpenters Union 217 San Mateo County

Muslim Democrats and Friends

North Peninsula Democratic Club

Peninsula for Everyone

Peninsula Young Democrats

San Mateo County API Caucus

San Mateo County Democratic Party

San Mateo County Labor Council

Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter

UA Local 467 Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Refrigeration Fitters


Evan Adams, Planning Commissioner

Ravi Jagtani, Planning Commissioner

Nicolas Haddad, Planning Commissioner

Fred Baer, Parks & Recreation Committee Member and Former Chair

Doris Duncan, PHD, Parks & Recreation Committee

Yvonne Rayzak, Parks & Recreation Committee Member

Charlie Tomberg, Parks & Rec. Committee Member and Former Chair

Fuad Ateyeh, Entrepreneur

Azar Azar, Manager

Jeries Azar, Manager

Samer Azar, Businessman

Shikha Bakshi Hamilton, Past President of Foster City Lions Club

Dr. Khalil Barhoum, Professor

Elias Batshon, Businessman

Josh Becker, Senate Candidate and Community Leader

Chelsea Bonini, Former President SMFC School Board of Trustees

Stevan Browning, Business Consultant

Jumana Dajani, Community Leader

Tarek Derbas, Engineer

Samer Elbandak, Community Leader 

Mohammad Eldabany, Contractor

Malek Faham, Inventor/Scientist

Dimitri Fanourgiakis, Owner of Penelope's and Sandwich Monkey

George Fanourgiakis,Owner of Penelope's and Sandwich Monkey

John Fanourgiakis, Owner of Penelope's and Sandwich Monkey

Nick Fanourgiakis, Owner of Penelope's and Sandwich Monkey

Reyad Fezzani, Entrepreneur

Gus Greco, Business Owner

Azmi Habib, Retired Businessman

Isam Halteh, Owner, Waterfront Pizza

Charles Harb, CPA

Hala Hijazi, Human Rights Commissioner, San Francisco 

Anton Jaber, Businessman

Adil Gadallah, Retired

Ola Joudeh, Community Leader 

Bajis Katwan, Businessman

Mourice Kari, Manager

Sarah Kuwahara, Former Chair, Parks & Recreation Committee

Alexis Lewis, NAACP Executive Board Member & SMCDCC Executive Board Member

James Lin, Businessman

Mourice Kari, Businessman

Omar Khemici, Retired Engineer

Dr. Khaled Makhamreh, PHD

Nabila Mango, Community Leader

Patricia Maxwell, Community Seniors Advocate 

Salem Mufarreh, Retired Businessman

Michael Musleh, Retired Businessman

Joe Nazal, Retired

Jimmy Ness, Past President, Foster City Lions Club

Khaled Obeidi, Owner Falafel Tazeh

George Omran, Community Leader 

Eugene Pallas, IT Consultant

Robert Pedro, Realtor

Hanine Rafidi, PHD, Scientist

Ray Rosenthal, Past President Foster City Lions Club

Adham Salem, Retired

Nahida Salem, Retired

Munir Shain, Accountant

Charles Shamieh, Businessman

Khaled Slayyeh, Engineer

Carol Tompkins, Retired Public Employee

Samir Totah, Community Leader 

Solomon Tsai, Owner, Crowne Plaza & Towneplace Suites

Sameena Usman, Community Leader

Salim Qura, Community Leader

Marci Winograd, Community Leader

Maher Zabaneh, Entrepreneur


San Mateo Daily Journal

Foster City Islander


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